Freebies, Freebies, Freebies

This is the 44clash edition Delta, Professional Delrin yo-yo by AERO-YO

New material for AERO-YO – DELRIN® looks like usual plastic, but in fact is one of the toughest plastics. Delrin is one of the most universal polymer, that has characteristics of a metal. AERO-YO DELTA is real plastic Hi-End yo-yo!
Guaranteed spin time the Delta comes with grooved Evo steel bearing.

To celebrate the first 44clash competition outside of Japan this edition comes with 2 stickers and a badge with the symbol of 44CLASH.

To top that we are also giving away for free 44CLASH fridge magnets and Aero-Yo key holders with each yoyo!

Highly limited, don’t miss your chance get yours today!


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